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Educational texts about electricity and electronics

Basic Electronics is an educational text that provides the reader with an introduction to how electricity is created, manipulated, and put to work. It includes explanations of electrical principles, shows how electronic devices and circuits work, and describes how they are used to create various systems, from simple radios to modern computers. The book includes detailed illustrations that aide learning and support the easy-to-read text.

By Gene McWhorter and Alvis J. Evans. 224 pages.
Available through The W5YI Group.

Basic Digital Electronics is a fully-illustrated text that explains the unique aspects of digital electronics and how digital circuits are used to build systems for modern-day applications, from timing circuits to computers to communications systems. The book includes examples and chapter quizzes to reinforce learning and understanding.

By Alvis J. Evans. 192 pages.
Available through The W5YI Group.

Basic Communications Electronics focuses on analog electronics. Engineers and system designers first used electronic devices in analog systems - from simple gauges to the first computers - to create the foundation for today's sophisticated electronic systems. This educational text explains how analog electronic devices are used to create communications systems. It concentrates on semiconductor devices - bipolar and field-effect transistors - and integrated circuits using these devices. Using easy-to-read, easy-to-understand explanations coupled with detailed illustrations, learning how these devices work and are used in analog circuits will give you a foundation to help you understand the development of communications electronics.

By Jack Hudson and Jerry Luecke. 224 pages.
Available through The W5YI Group.

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